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   News    Super Afiliados presents great news at SBC Summit Barcelona

Super Afiliados presents great news at SBC Summit Barcelona

Super Afiliados continues to take its betting affiliation expertise to the main iGaming events in the world. So, we were in Spain, between the 19th and 21st of September, attending the SBC Summit Barcelona. In short, our participation in the event was within the Brazilian Lounge where we took the opportunity to create relationships, exchange experiences and clarify many doubts about the iGaming affiliation activity.

First of all, we highlight that our commercial director, Manuel Matos, represented Super Afiliados at the Catalonia event. In this way, he reveals that the meeting added immense value to the company’s work. After all, it was an opportunity for new people to understand what affiliation is and the particularities of the Brazilian market.

“Fairs in this format end up being essential for new contacts with the biggest professionals in the sector. The Brazilian Lounge is an incredible attraction that paves the way for these people to reach our company faster. It is an event that adds incalculable value”, he says.

In this sense, our commercial director also summarizes the main news that Super Afiliados presented during the event. In short, the company continues to invest in technology to offer increasingly more transparency and security.

“Our biggest attraction was the launch of the beta phase of the new panel. This state-of-the-art tool will enable affiliates to have access to all provider statistics in one place.”

Finally, Manuel Matos states that the great benefit of this new panel is the increase in trust in the relationship between our company and affiliates. “The Brazilian affiliate needs to feel confident in the operation. So, detailing each movement showing that he can work safely makes all the difference to the success of the partnership.”

Super Affiliates is experiencing a season of major events in 2023

In short, shortly after the successful participation in the SBC Summit Barcelona, ​​Super Afiliados is already organizing itself for a new event. Therefore, our company will be in Miami, from November 1st to 3rd, at the SBC Summit Latinoamérica 2023.

In this way, we will once again be present among the companies that will be at the Brazilian Lounge. Additionally, our CEO and Co-Founder, Alessandro Valente will moderate the panel ‘Affiliate Leaders: Overcoming the traditional Affiliate-Operator relationship and building trust in Latin America”, on November 1st.

Above all, it is worth highlighting that 2023 has been busy for Super Afiliados. In summary, the Miami meeting will be the company’s fourth throughout the year. After all, we were present at ICE, Afiliados Brasil, BIS Sigma América and SBC Summit Barcelona. However, our plan is to continue at this pace, taking all the opportunities in the affiliation market around the world.