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   Noticias    Super Afiliados Launches App and Celebrates Success at Afiliados Brasil

Super Afiliados Launches App and Celebrates Success at Afiliados Brasil

Super Afiliados’ participation in Afiliados Brasil  2024, the largest affiliate marketing event in Latin America, brought significant news. Visitors had the chance to discover our exclusive app. Additionally, we enjoyed days filled with learning, networking, and new business opportunities. Finally, we took part in a special panel to help affiliates safely seize new opportunities.

Super Afiliados was present at the Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo from May 23rd to 25th, engaging with the large audience of Afiliados Brasil. The event attracted thousands of professionals from the digital business world, as well as operators and players from the Gaming industry.

Our specialists presented our expertise in iGaming affiliation and the benefits we offer. The highlight was the launch of our new exclusive app. Visitors could download the app using the QR code at our booth entrance. The tool allows affiliates to monitor their development simply, intuitively, and securely.

According to Valéria Suárez, Super Afiliados’ head of affiliation, the event concluded positively, strengthening our position among companies focused on betting. “Afiliados Brasil is essential for those working in affiliate marketing due to its mix of learning, networking,

and market updates. We ended the event on a positive note. As one of the most

renowned iGaming companies, we see increased interest every year. We look forward to welcoming everyone at the Super Afiliados booth in 2025!” she stated.

Super Afiliados Shares Best iGaming Opportunities During Panel

Another highlight was Super Afiliados’ participation in a panel at Afiliados Brasil. Manuel Matos, the company’s Commercial Director, joined the debate “Mastering iGaming Affiliation – Choosing the Right Product to Boost Your Career.”

Panelists emphasized the importance of fostering relationships for the industry’s safe growth. “Those of us behind the scenes are aware of things the public doesn’t know. Without these panels to share information, the market stagnates and everyone remains ignorant. Behind all this, we have people and relationships. It’s crucial for companies to engage with the right players and for others to understand what’s happening to make the best decisions,” Manuel explained.

He also noted the impact of iGaming growth on the event’s audience. “The event is growing, likely due to the betting sector. The fourth floor was dominated by this sector, and the fifth also had some activity. This added significant volume to the event as people are eager to learn, get involved, and join this entertainment pool,” he added.

With this, Super Afiliados concludes the first phase of annual event participation. Our next engagement will be in the second half of the year. We will attend a series of international congresses, bringing news from Brazil to global players. Stay tuned to our blog for all the details of our event season.