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The services offered by Super Afiliados are based on two fronts that each transform into three work models to take your brand to a new level of marketing strategy, reaching new customers and potential partners, in addition to dissemination and performance. Here we are going to present a little about our work fronts.


Our strong arm of services in Super Afiliados is the Affiliation. Approaching 15 years of work with the affiliate marketing market, our company has an innovative system that creates a “partner club” where everyone benefits from exposing their brand in a network that spans the worldwide gaming and betting market which was built over years of work with a lot of respect and credibility.

Super Afiliados works with its own technology, developed according to the client’s project, integrating platforms such as MyAffiliates, IncomeAccess, NetReferer and we are always open to new discoveries that contribute to a greater connection with the public.

To run these services, we have three payment and commission models that are Organic (Revshare), Sub-Affiliates (Master) and Adverts (Hybrid). Check how they work:


Organico Rev Share

In this modality, Super Affiliates receives a commission calculated according to the performance of the campaigns developed in its huge organic network of channels such as websites, applications and social networks. Our profit is based on the RevShare generated by the player who arrives at a partner operator for the disclosure we make.

Sub-Afiliados (Master)

We work with a vast network of sub-affiliates that will promote your brand. We recruit, train and structure these partners with the necessary tools in order to boost the result of their activities in promoting their brand. In turn, it is up to the sub-affiliates to use different types of channels, always with our supervision and audit, to promote brands and services for the acquisition and reactivation of players.

In this model, our company receives a percentage of 10% on the results of our sub-affiliates. In some cases, special agreements may be made with sub-affiliates, which will always be discussed with our customers.

Adverts (Híbrido)

For some customers, we offer an additional option of our services where we create, monitor and improve campaigns on various networks such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, UOL Ads (largest portal in Latin America), among others. In this package it is not necessary to make high investments, as everything is done based on a hybrid performance agreement, where your company commits to remunerate us with CPA + RevShare.

Domain Names

Domains are the addresses entered to reach a website. Our company has built an impressive portfolio of over 1000 domains related to iGaming categories such as casino, bingo, sports betting, poker and lotteries. From these domains, we have already created and activated over 150 websites aimed at affiliation and fed with content focused on attracting players. This material follows a specific conversion strategy for each page.


The second work front of Super Afiliados is the Marketing Consultancy. Through it, we will take your company to all media, building a strong image that consolidates the brand, attracting new partnerships and customers in different segments that it has not yet reached.

Our marketing consulting and image building projects are based on a triad consisting of Press Release; SEO and Branding (always with performance). Understand what each one of them is:

Press Release

To make your brand known in the market in which it operates, our specialized team will produce content about the news that your brand wants to disseminate and will distribute Releases, articles and other forms of announcements in an online network with more than 500 sites throughout Brazil that can publish that content. At Super Afiliados, we are careful to analyze all aspects of the disclosure to bring the brand to a specific audience, monitoring and reporting all the repercussions achieved. This service is developed in partnership with the largest gaming and betting agency in Brazil.


Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques to optimize the way your brand is found on search engines through keywords. Based on this concept, Super Afiliados work with SEO is based on creating a network of sites with a high, relevant and geo-localized Domain Authority to establish links between these pages and your company. The result of this process is an improvement in the positioning of your website, which can be even greater if combined with the Press Release strategy that also carries a very important concept of Link Building, which is another technique to achieve popularity in search engines.

Branding (with performance)

The team of specialists at Super Afiliados also works on building and promoting brands through advertising campaigns that connect to great national personalities from artists, sports and other influencers ‘tropicalizing’ your brand and making it closer to the daily lives of consumers.

With the development of sports betting legislation, football became a great case for operators to work on their image. Thus, our company has good relationships in the market, being able to intermediate from exclusive contracts, activations, sponsorship negotiation and many other opportunities.

In addition to promoting the brand through all these marketing actions, Super Afiliados always promotes campaigns aimed at performance and conversion. In each of our creations, we add technological mechanisms such as QRCodes, promotional affiliate codes, special access to websites, among other tools; all of this so that the potential customer can reach the final service as soon as he receives information from the campaigns. This promotes performance, that is, it makes the campaign already have a conversion of new sales from idea conception to activation.