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Super Afiliados was created with a different and very attractive proposal.
Offer commissions above the market, in addition to many other benefits.
With the idea of creating a “kind of a club”, where all our members get the benefits of a strong and united group, publishing their brand on a large network in Brazil.
Our add value lays in the direct contact of our partnerships, that we have created over the years in Brazil and the world, which we cultivate with great respect and credibility.

Affiliation Models

In our network of Sub-Affiliates, depending on the affiliate and it’s own operation we might request a deal with only RS, only CPA or a Hybrid. This depends on the type of campaigns of the affiliate and the deals are reviews and agreed before being accepted.


Access to a portfolio of more than 800 specific domains in games, and a huge database and presence on social networks. A powerful combination of URLs to guarantee SEO Strategy:

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Since 2009 with active campaigns on networks such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, UOL Ads and other platforms, Super Afiliados offers this service at no cost in advance.
We charge a fixed minimum CPA + RevShare fee offered by the operator in their affiliation system.
The total of the CPA is used to fund the campaign if the website converts better and the cost of acquisition is less the target then this benefit will be transferred on to our client.
Our profit is based on the player-generated RevShare that we recommend to our customers.


With a focus on performance and little investment in branding, we have a PPC strategy with many websites promoting the brand, with an active campaign targeting keywords.
Data capture is always considered in this case and we have a system to send emails, sms or automated voice calls to the captured data.


Programmatic purchase with the best CPA performance, through performance-based offers with the best ROI in the shortest time.
The average purchase will increase traffic, which, in turn, will increase the company’s operating cost and the risk of reducing the server’s functionality


As a very first step, it is necessary to have a very comprehensive understanding of the business, which will be analysed and revised.
We will analyse the construction of your website with our optimisation specialists team.


By implementing this successful technique properly we will increase the relevance of the most important keywords


With a team focused on games of all kind, we have a dedicated department to offer a complete service in Marketing and consulting.


We direct brands with personality through a set of actions.
With experience in building strong brands that connect to the local players, we do ‘Brazilianizing’ their essence, content, positioning the brand in the Brazilian market.


Our specialised team will analyse all content to ensure the accuracy of all information, to be distributed on the best online media channels.
All material received will be created and distributed to our partners, targeted to the specific audience and all coverage will be monitored and reported.


We provide all of our experience in the Brazilian market, to make your operation achieve success.


With eyes to the regulatory process in Brazil, we are experts in guiding your operation making sure that it follows all the legal requirements and thus all your operation are legally covered.


With the growth of the Brazilian market, following the model of large European countries, football will be one of the main means of advertising for operators who wish to be successful in the country.
The possibilities are endless, from exclusive contracts to small activations that can become a powerful tool when combined.
We have a partnership dedicated to negotiating sponsorship contracts with players, leagues in Brazil, brand activation in the main Brazilian football stadiums and sponsorship opportunities with the main clubs in the country


To promote your company in the Brazilian market, we offer a solution with a Press Release distribution service in Brazil.
Online content distribution with more than 500 sites in Brazil, for your content to reach the audience through online media.