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   News    Alessandro Valente is interviewed by Jornal da Manhã from Jovem Pan

Alessandro Valente is interviewed by Jornal da Manhã from Jovem Pan

“The CEO and Co-Founder of Super Afiliados, Alessandro Valente, was interviewed in a report aired this Wednesday on Jornal da Manhã of Jovem Pan. In this way, he took the opportunity to advocate for the regulation of gambling in Brazil as the best way to protect bettors and boost the market.

In summary, the report covered a controversial case that has been gaining media attention regarding a bettor who encountered issues after being impressed by the advertising of the betting company. In this regard, Alessandro discussed how such incidents are dealt with in countries with regulated gambling sectors.

“Look at the importance of having a regulated market. This wouldn’t happen in countries like the United Kingdom, where these individuals (promoters) would also face the maximum penalty under the law. After all, this practice shouldn’t be accepted by the betting site or the advertisement aired at inappropriate times,” he said.

Finally, the CEO and Co-Founder of Super Afiliados stated that the regulation of gambling in Brazil is an urgent matter that should be a concern for everyone.

“These things need to change. Either the market self-regulates, or the government quickly takes action to regulate everything,” concluded Alessandro Valente.

The complete report is available on the website and YouTube channel of Jovem Pan. Jornal da Manhã is broadcasted live daily from 6 am on Jovem Pan. Presented by Thiago Uberreich and Adriana Reid, the program brings the first news of the day analyzed by a team of renowned commentators.”