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   Noticias saves lives and transforms society
greatcom_salva_vidas_e_transforma_a_sociedade saves lives and transforms society

When an affiliate reaches the level of prosperity he wanted, when he started working, he has two paths to follow: put another target in his sights and continue until he conquers it or give up achieving new goals and focus on creating something unique, as Erik Bergman did.

When he reached his 30s, having made a fortune calculated in hundreds of millions of reais, businessman Erik Bergman, founder of Catena Media, decided it was time to do something fantastic for others, considering that for himself he had already reached what he expected.

This is how the “” project was born, which for almost 5 years has raised millions of reais for causes that deserve our attention, but are still neglected by many. More entrepreneurs could follow his example and follow a path like Erik’s, if so, we would have a much better world.

Super Afiliados received the invitation to collaborate with this notorious project, and despite the time it took to organize everything, today we are proudly spreading our support and establishing the first steps of a relationship that should generate great results soon.

One of the causes that is tackling right now is the fight against Malaria. There is not much to be said about this disease that plagues countries on the African continent to this day, but which could be prevented and avoided if there is a global commitment.

Unlike other diseases, such as COVID-19 recently, Malaria is still very little fought and is not on the agenda of large laboratories. This is certainly related to the fact that the most affected population is clearly poor and underprivileged.

There is much hope and few fighters in this war, is among the privileged who saw the need and decided to act. With the help of partners, the is on a campaign to create safety nets and should not stop there.

The initiative entitled “iGaming for the Future”, aims to unite the iGaming industry around good causes like this, but it needs everyone’s help to really make a difference. This Malaria cause is just one of the many that the project has already helped, besides those that are yet to come.

The fun of casino games and sports betting can be a great ally in the fight for this and so many other noble causes.

Take the opportunity to learn more about the operators that are already part of this social project by accessing

Soon we will have more news about this partnership that is just beginning.