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We are the largest iGaming affiliate in Brazil


Super Afiliados is a company that knows the power of internet marketing and with it, will make your brand generate new customers and, more than that, make them partners. Our professionals make a team with a lot of knowledge in the digital market and keep up to date with new ways of contacting the public, by producing campaigns that show not only the brand but the people who make everything happen, helping in its main objective: professional and personal achievement.



We are specialized in affiliation for the Brazilian market. With over 15 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, our company has an innovative system that creates a “partners’ club,” where all partner operators benefit from exposure of their brand in a network that covers the global gaming and betting market. This network was built over years of hard work with great respect and credibility.



The second front of action of Super Afiliados is the Marketing Consultancy. Through it, we will take your company to all media, building a strong image that consolidates the brand, attracting new partnerships and customers in different segments that it has not yet reached. Our marketing consulting and image building projects are based on a triad consisting of Press Release; SEO and Branding (always with performance).

Our Tecnology

We know that nothing is done by magic and that’s why we use good tools to deliver a high-level product to the customer. Over time, Super Afiliados has invested in technology to develop several specific tools to optimize our business.

We have a robust system for controlling the operation of our affiliate network that shows real-time results and facilitates asset management.


Our platform executes and monitors the distribution of media such as banners and other formats, allowing for control of their results within our network.


Tool created to offer solutions regarding links in order to make their management, shortening, and redirection more efficient.


We work with a robust platform configured to be a high-performance dashboard for our affiliates.






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