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Frequently Asked Question

Below are common questions from our affiliates and partners. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, get in touch!
O que é a Super Afiliados?

Super Afiliados is a company that works as an intermediary between affiliates that have Brazilian traffic and operators that mainly have online casinos or sportsbooks.

We actually go way beyond that, but that’s our main focus!

If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliates and start earning your commissions, register in our side menu.

Tem limite para quanto posso ganhar por mês?

In case of a limit for any promotion, you will be informed by our team. In general, there are no limits, the more players you bring into the available promotions, the more you will earn! And if you start generating more than 50 players per month, your affiliate manager can discuss with you an increase in your commission.

Como acesso minha conta na Super Afiliados?

To access your account on the Super Afiliados Dashboard, just type in your search bar painel.superafiliados.com.br, alternatively, on your computer, you can also access the side menu where you will find how to access your account and how Register.

Como sei que o jogador veio pelo meu link?

On our affiliation dashboard, you can track how many clicks you’ve had and how many conversions. In the side menu of the panel, you will also find a statistics-only tab about your results. If in doubt, also feel comfortable getting in touch with your affiliate manager, his contact, you can find on your dashboard.

Tenho meu produto e gostaria que a Super Afiliados promovesse

Super Afiliados focuses on sports betting and casino products in Brazil. If the product you have in hand is in Brazil and focused on the gambling area, please get in touch and our team will respond as soon as possible to discuss the best strategy to grow your brand.

+55 11 3717 1962